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Our Breach Assessment Methodology

Our breach assessments utilize a heuristic-based approach to identify adversary activity operating within your network. Leveraging known adversary actions outlined in MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework, our analysts and toolsets are focus on surfacing these indicators specific to the customer environment. Regardless of the adversary TTPs used, we will be able to detect some of the most sophisticated adversaries operating today.


Collect host-based data from endpoints based on customer requirements. For rapid collection, we use an agentless approach to gather data without deploying new software to the environment. Our capabilities can be supplemented with real-time collection.


Enrich collected data through an automated enrichment pipeline and submit enriched data for SIEM ingestion.


Perform analysis on the results using industry recognized attack models and analytical techniques including MITRE’s ATT&CK Framework, Threat Intelligence feeds, Least Frequency of Occurrence, and First Seen analysis.


Triage indicators/statistical anomalies through memory or disk analysis to make a benign or malicious declaration.


Define the scope of a potential compromise to provide high fidelity findings to the customer's Incident Response process.

Active Incident Response Support

Whether you are experiencing an active breach or you are looking to determine what happened after the fact, our team will be able to assist in resolving even the most devastating of compromises. Our experts are trained in timeline creation, forensics support, and log analysis to trace an adversary’s actions and provide a full picture of the actions taken. We will integrate into your incident response methodology and assist as needed.

What You Will Receive

A full planning exercise tailored to achieve maximum impact of the assessment

Real time communication and collaboration during the assessment execution window

Executive and technical level briefings with your staff to outline findings, observations, and the attack chain

Comprehensive write-ups in a full report detailing every facet of the engagement – all potential entry vectors and entry attempts will be documented

Recommendations of areas to increase visibility so that a future breach will not be missed

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